About rapid results

The Rapid Results program is your solution to help you lose weight faster.#

For a long time, weight loss was simply thought to be about eating less and moving more. But scientists now understand that it is important to focus on when you eat as well as what and how much you eat, with your body clock playing a role in your metabolism.

In fact, by timing your food intake wisely and giving your body important periods of rest, you can support your weight loss efforts and enhance
your results.

how it works

Balancing periods of nourishment and rejuvenation for weight loss success.

On our Rapid Results program, you'll have a 12-hour period of nourishment followed by a 12-hour period of rejuvenation, based on Nobel Prize-winning research into the power of our Circadian Rhythm (body clock).

  1. Nourish yourself during the 12 hour nourishment period.
  2. Take a break during the 12 hour rejuvenation period.
  3. Follow your Jenny Craig Rapid Results plan for success!

why it works

Harnessing the power of your body clock.

It’s now known that our metabolism follows a pretty predictable curve—ramping up in the morning, then gradually easing as the day progresses. So, it makes sense to time your food intake when your metabolism—and therefore kilojoule-burning potential—is working it’s hardest.


Being in sync with your natural circadian rhythm comes with many health benefits.


Being in sync with your natural circadian rhythm helps regulate your metabolism and supports your body’s ability to burn kilojoules more.

blood sugar

Consuming more kilojoules earlier in the day can help improve your blood sugar control.


Certain hormones play an important role in appetite regulation. Being in sync with your circadian rhythm can help regulate appetite hormones to support you in best managing your weight.

weight management

Eating less at night and more during the day allows the body to stay in sync with its natural circadian rhythm, and burn kilojoules more effectively to enhance your weight management efforts.

On Rapid Results Max, Members lost an average of 6 kgs in the first 4 weeks!#