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Planning meals can be hard work, especially for busy people and those of us who aren’t ‘foodies’ – who simply like to eat scrumptious food without all the focus and fuss. All that research, shopping and food preparation is great if you enjoy it but not if you prefer eating to cooking and are time poor!

It’s often during those extra busy times that we lapse our good eating habits and slip into eating fast, non-nutritious foods. With Jenny Craig your weight loss journey – and your day – is made so much easier with chef-inspired, nutritionally-balanced, simple meal plans which help you lose weight.

How Jenny Craig meal plans can help you lose weight?

At Jenny Craig the meal plans are designed by Accredited Practising Dietitians and nutritionists, and prepared by professional chefs. They offer mouth-watering meal choices which don’t leave you feeling as though you are missing out on what everyone else is eating. This is an important and often overlooked aspect of weight loss. One of the reasons people have great success on the Jenny Craig program is because it’s different to the diets they’ve tried which have left them feeling emotionally and socially deprived and hungry – or should we say ‘hangry’. Those diets aren’t sustainable long term, so the weight gradually goes back on.

Jenny Craig’s meal plans take the hard work out of weight loss. When you are provided with a weekly meal plan into which you’ve had input and chosen from the extensive, super delicious menu, it is easy to lose weight. These healthy meal plans are so tasty and satisfying you’ll want to stay on them, even after you’ve reached your goal!

Enjoy Shortbread from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu.

What is a meal plan?

A Jenny Craig meal plan is a menu specifically designed with your individual weight loss goals and nutritional needs in mind, tailored for you after discussion with your personal Consultant.
All our meal plans are developed using the National Dietary Guidelines for Australia and New Zealand. They are balanced in the nutrients your body needs to be healthy such as fibre, lean proteins, good fats and complex carbohydrates.

Jenny Craig meal plans are crafted from over 70+ inspiring, chef-designed menu items to bring you breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks which are kilojoule and portion controlled and nutritionally balanced, so you can enjoy them while you’re busy losing weight and improving your health. How good is that!

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What are the benefits of meal planning?

Meal planning the Jenny Craig way will provide you with many benefits throughout your weight loss journey. A 7 day meal plan leaves little room for falling off the wagon. As the Jenny Craig program is focused on providing support and nutritional education as well as meal plans, you’ll learn how to manage the occasional lapse that will inevitably occur, as well as developing an ongoing positive relationship with food.

Planning meals allows you to ensure that they accommodate your lifestyle which will help you to reach your goals. The Jenny Craig meal plans tailored specifically for you are designed to meet your ideal daily kilojoule requirement, saving you from having to do the calorie counting yourself. Healthy meal plans are designed to keep you on track and can be tweaked if necessary at the weekly consultation with your dedicated Consultant.

Planning meals takes the guesswork out of weight loss. When Jenny Craig plans your meals, it saves you time and reduces the risk of failing to adhere to your ideal kilojoule intake. For the times when it’s hard to say no, like when your friends all decide to go to the local burger place after the movies, you can make the healthiest burger choice possible and relax knowing that tomorrow you will be back to following your specific meal plan for the rest of the week.

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Why is meal planning important for weight loss?

Eating isn’t something we do in isolation, it is influenced by many variables on a daily basis. What we eat, how much we eat, where and when we eat and who we eat with – all these aspects can negatively impact the weight loss process. When we commit to a diet meal plan which is perfectly designed to suit not just our dietary needs but our lifestyle, we remove a lot of those variables. This means we are more likely to be motivated by achieving our milestone goals and seeing progressive results.

There is no better feeling than getting that positive interim result and pat on the back from your personal consultant, and that comes about through effective meal planning.

What foods are included in a meal plan?

Your weight loss meal plan includes delicious and nutritious breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. There are even dessert choices for those with a bit of a sweet tooth. You’ll be amazed by all the favourite foods you can continue to eat when on the Jenny Craig program. You may even wonder if you’re on a diet at all! But you are, and you will achieve the desired results because our expert dietitians and nutritionists are able to create meals which are perfectly balanced and tailored to your exact dietary needs.

Jenny Craig weight loss meal plans span all the necessary food groups, so you will find lean proteins, reduced-fat dairy products, fresh vegetables, salads and fruits, whole grains, unsaturated fats and complex carbohydrates.

Lean proteins, such as beef, chicken and fish as well as vegetarian protein such as legumes and soy are good to include on a weight loss plan as they are filling and are essential for maintaining lean muscle.

Fresh vegetables, salads and fruits are rich sources of important fibre which is also filling and necessary for good digestive health. They are high in water and low in kilojoules.
Unsaturated fats are sources of essential vitamins and minerals and fish, in particular, is high in essential fatty acids such as Omega 3.

While many people think they will lose weight by cutting carbohydrates out of their diet, complex carbs are actually important sources of energy, providing the fuel we need in order to exercise. The secret is to eat them in moderation within a balanced dietary program.

The Jenny Craig weight loss program provides education, strategic direction, dedicated support and guidance to successfully lose the weight and keep it off for life.

Can you still have desserts and snacks on a meal plan?

You might be surprised to know that the answer is yes! The Jenny Craig menu has many delectable desserts and healthy snacks. When eaten with portion control in mind and in conjunction with a kilojoule-controlled meal plan, you can enjoy the desserts and snacks on offer with no guilty feelings!

What are the best meal plans for vegetarians?

With over 70+ meal items on our menus, it is easy to construct a vegetarian meal plan from the many vegetarian options available. Vegetarians might like to note that our products are not vegan however, and they could contain traces of dairy, egg, and animal by-products such as gelatin.

Your dedicated Consultant will spend time discussing all the menu items with you so that together you can construct a vegetarian meal plan which is easy to follow, tasty and good for you!

“I have a better relationship with food. I understand it more. And I know what I can and can’t eat.”

How can diabetics manage their meal planning?

Your health is our first priority so we will support you in managing your diabetes while on your individually tailored meal plan.
Our meals are suitable for people with well-controlled diabetes. A kilojoule controlled healthy meal plan is the best way to ensure your body receives a balanced amount of proteins, fruit, vegetables, whole grains and reduced-fat dairy products.
Coupled with appropriate physical activity and weekly support and advice from your personalised Consultant, a Jenny Craig meal plan is a great way to improve your relationship with food and reach a healthy BMI while managing diabetes.

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Are meal plans easy to follow?

For busy people it is almost a gift to have someone say, ‘Here are the foods you should be eating for optimum health and weight. Let me take all the hard work out of dieting for you. Here are your portion-controlled, nutritionally balanced and kilojoule-controlled meals and snacks for every day this week.’ Who wouldn’t love that?

Jenny Craig meal plans provide both the complete nutrition and kilojoules your body needs as well as being incredibly easy to follow.

Our focus is also on changing habits and educating you on how to eat healthily so that once you leave the meal plans you are well prepared for creating your own healthy meals. But in the interim, using simple meal plans to lose weight takes all the stress, confusion, calorie-counting and decision-making out of weight loss.

Enjoy Mexican-style Slow Cooked Pork for dinner from the Jenny Craig menu, pictured above. See the full menu.

How can you stick to a meal plan?

Hands up if you’ve tried to lose weight on your own, and not succeeded. The secret to sticking to a meal plan is having the support and guidance of a personalised Consultant who understands your individual needs and the challenges you face.

Your dedicated Jenny Craig Consultant is there every week to help you stay on the plan and achieve your goals. She will teach you how to do it. She will celebrate your successes like your own personal cheerleader! She will provide the support you need to get through the ups and downs of losing weight every step of the way. That is how you stick to a meal plan.

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How can a meal plan help me achieve my weight loss goals?

Your meal plan is the foundation of your journey, but it also has some flexibility so that you can carry on living your life. When a business dinner or a social engagement occurs, you will know how to choose healthy menu options when dining out, but you can also relax knowing that your next meal will be from your meal plan, which is portion and kilojoule controlled.

The meals are pre-packaged with portion sizes tailored to your requirements. They are easy to prepare in the oven or microwave so even the busiest person will find that their meal plan will help them achieve their weight loss goals.

Your Jenny Craig weight loss plan can be of short or long duration – the sooner you start – the better.

How many KILOJOULES / calories are in a meal plan?

Everybody’s meal plan is different because they are tailored to your individual requirements. The kilojoule levels will generally range from between 5000 to 8400 kilojoules or higher per day.

Will I feel hungry on a meal plan?

The meal plans provide for regular, portion-controlled meals including snacks. The longest you will go without food is 12 hours, if you were to undertake the Rapid Results program.
The science behind the Rapid Results program is based on research that shows benefits in following your natural circadian rhythm. It provides for a 12 hour rejuvenation period where your body is rested from food and a 12 hour nourishment period which is when you take in your daily recommended kilojoules.

On this program, it may be that you don’t eat between 8:00 pm and 8:00 am for example, which is not difficult to do. During the day, your meal plan provides five to six healthy meals or snacks, so don’t worry – you won’t feel hungry!

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Can Jenny Craig consultants help me create a meal plan?

They certainly can. They will discuss your lifestyle, food preferences, kilojoule requirements, activity plans and develop your meal plan accordingly.

Your qualified Consultant is there to get you started, monitor and support you on your journey, prepare you for a life of healthy eating when you are no longer on the program, and celebrate your success with you at the end.

Can you get meal plans delivered?

The Jenny Craig home delivery option is another way to make your weight loss journey so much easier. Meal delivery plans are a convenient, stress-free and ridiculously easy way to achieve your goals.
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